When I came to Christina Ferrante I was in desperate need of an attorney who knew what she was doing. I had been fighting my daughter’s guardianship in court for two years. My husband was killed when I was 7 ½ months pregnant and did not know what to do. My first attorney offered her services for free. At that moment I thought this lady was an angel and was going to solve all of my problems. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a disaster. I definitely got what I paid for, which was nothing but a mountain of problems and headaches that I did not need in my life. The judge was so upset with me and was threatening to deny my guardianship and force me to pay for not complying with the courts request. My first attorney never appeared in court and when she did, she did nothing. I was a mess and my daughter was 2 years old by then. I did not know what to do. Then I met Christina. Words cannot express how wonderful she is. Christina picked up the mess my first attorney could not figure out and cleaned it up like it was nothing. At first I was really concerned because Christina had to organize two years of deposits and expenses that were difficult to read, especially not knowing anything about my case. I presented Christina with documents as thick as a dictionary and discussed the case in approximately 30 to 60 minutes. She advised me that she would call me if she had any questions. I walked away believing that she would have tons of questions and it would take her a very long time to put my case together. She called me with maybe two or three questions. The next telephone call was to advise me to come in and review the figures. I was so surprised and amazed that she was capable of putting all the documents in order. We went to court and I finally had guardianship of my daughter’s estate and I was able to receive monthly financial help. Since then, it has been a very smooth ride with no problems.

Lidia, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

It happens all too often, divorce strikes at any given time and believe me, “it is always best to walk into court with a family law specialist.” I wish I knew this ahead of time. Once I did get an attorney I was taken advantage of because I was weak and vulnerable during such an emotionally trying time. Unfortunately, I wasted too much valuable time and money with other attorneys who promised me the world, however, they did absolutely nothing but take my hard earned money for over one year and drained me emotionally too. I was no better off one year later than when my case first started. Money was tight and I knew I needed a new attorney before I went broke. I immediately began to interview several attorneys and decided on Christina Ferrante; a decision I have never regretted. Without a delay I had my initial interview and a plan was immediately developed and implemented including spending the least amount of money while getting the greatest return I could realistically attain legally. What other attorneys did not accomplish in one year, Christina did in 90 days! I am now happily living in my home again which is 100% mine as well as owning 100% of my business. Please learn from my experience and remember two things: first, it pays to agree! and second, Christina Ferrante.

Dr. Steve, Chino Hills, CA

During my divorce case, I was thoroughly pleased with the support and guidance Christina Ferrante provided me. Her strong negotiations, clear decisions, and understanding of the court proceedings allowed me to confidently defend myself and ultimately receive a fair settlement. Over the course of my divorce, there were frustrating moments where Christina calmed me and helped me see clearly the issues at hand. I absolutely recommend Christina as your future attorney.

Herb, San Jacinto, CA

I did not know what to expect going through a divorce and child custody case. Ms. Ferrante made the matter an easy process. She was thorough, honest and supportive and I received all that I was entitled to…

Brenda, Pomona, CA

I wanted to take a minute to thank Christina Ferrante and staff for handling my case in a professional and friendly manner. From phone calls to personal visits to her office, I always felt I was treated very well by everybody. With so many things on my mind, and so many questions to ask, she and her staff really kept me abreast as to what was going on and what to expect. Thanks so much for your patience and lending an ear when I needed it!

Brian, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Christina handled a very difficult Divorce and Child Custody matter for our family. She quickly assessed the situation, formulated a solid legal strategy, explained her plan in detail and implemented it. In her communications with us, she was direct, concise, compassionate and courteous. She maintained her professionalism during a very emotional ordeal and was never afraid to tell us when we were wrong. Her staff is responsive, efficient, courteous and knowledgeable. Her dealings with the other Attorneys were firm but fair, and she proved on more than one occasion that Christina Ferrante will not be bullied by opposing council. Her pleadings were well written, thorough and absent of any unnecessary or trivial language. This is exactly what Judges want to see in their busy courtrooms. Her demeanor and presentation in the courtroom was highly professional and effective. She demonstrated a commanding knowledge of the law and its application to the facts of the case. Due to her hard work and dedication, we were awarded "Sole Legal and Physical Custody" and the Dissolution or Marriage was completed in the minimum allowable legal time period. Getting to know Christina over the period of that year was both an honor and privilege. Unfortunately divorce and child custody battles are a reality in today's world. We have referred Christina to several friends and associates. They also achieved excellent results with her representation. There are no guarantees in life, but you can rest assured that Christina Ferrante will provide the highest caliber representation available.

Barbara & Jim, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Dealing with a divorce and a very nasty one at that was difficult, but Ms. Ferrante was very helpful and I am so happy she was able to leave my retirement account untouched YEAH! I would certainly recommend her to anyone. Oh, I must mention Elisa. She was wonderful as well. They were so good with me when I would call all broken up.

Sandra, Ontario, CA

Estoy muy agradecida por su trato y servicio. En todo momento fui tratada como si fuera una amiga. Siempre que tenía una pregunta y llamaba estaban ahí para contestar, y siempre procuraron lo mejor para mí de una manera muy profesional. Por supuesto la recomiendo, fue una buena experiencia. Translation: I am very grateful for your treatment and service. At all times I was treated as if I was a friend. Whenever I would call with a question they were there to answer it and always made sure my best interests were served in a very professional manner. Of course I recommend her; it was a great experience.

Blanca, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I have had the best experience with Christina Ferrante and her incredible staff. I have been going through a divorce for 3 years and Christina has ALWAYS been there for me. My first meeting with Ms. Ferrante put me at ease and I instantly knew she was exceptional with her approach to Family Law. Ms. Ferrante walked me through the process which was stressful at times, but she was always by my side. When Christina was in Court or not available, either Alicia or Denise were always there to lend an ear and bring my stress level down. It takes an entire office to serve a client effectively and I am very satisfied. As far as expense goes, I have ALWAYS been treated fairly and appreciate the fact that I am a client first and foremost!

Philip C., Yelp

Christina Ferrante and her paralegal are very hard working and wonderful ladies. After hiring a so-called attorney from Riverside that did absolutely nothing for my husband's case except make it worse, we found Christina Ferrante. The previous lawyer, that we paid more than $5900.00, ended up not showing up to court dates, didn't turn in required paperwork, (paperwork that I personally delivered to his office not once but twice and both times got "misplaced") got my husband charged with contempt for not turning in paperwork ordered by the judge, and basically caused my husband to lose visitation with his children for more than 2 years. We found Christina's office by chance on the internet and she saved us. We had both lost all hope in attorneys and in the court system but after meeting her, she turned everything around. Not only did she take care of all the problems the other attorney caused, such as visitation with the children, she also took care of the ridiculous amount of child support my husband had been paying. Christina Ferrante and her services are worth every dime we paid and more!! She was also very flexible with allowing us to make payments based on what we could afford. She is truly a wonderful lady and an awesome attorney. I would never consider anyone else for myself, family, or friends if anyone is ever in need of a family attorney.

Jana M., Fontana, CA

My son and I retained Ms. Ferrante's services in November 2012. It was a very complicated case which required my son to fight for custody of my grandson across state lines. We only had six months to win the case and bring my grandson back to California, under the Uniform Child Custody Reinforcement Act. Ms. Ferrante helped my son win full custody of his son and she was able to get it done within the six month time frame. We had to retain a second attorney in Oklahoma and Ms. Ferrante communicated with that attorney until she had everything that she needed for the Judge in Oklahoma to enforce the California court order. We feel really blessed to have had such a knowledgeable attorney. Ms. Ferrante is very personable, caring and understanding. She and her staff were very professional and efficient in dealing with the case, and I would recommend her to my friends and family if they need a good attorney. My grandson is back in California and happy to be back. We are very happy to have him back and grateful for such top notch professional assistance in being reunited with him.