Step Parent Adoption

What a great thing it is to become the legal parent of a stepchild that you have become bonded to! To terminate the other biological parent’s rights so that you can step in as the legal parent is the only sure way to make sure a stepparent’s custodial position is secured in case of the death of the custodial parent. If you would like to adopt your stepchild, you should contact a stepparent adoption attorney in your area. I have helped many, many stepparents adopt a loved child successfully, with or without the consent of the other biological parent. Sometimes the biological parent is still living but can’t be found or he or she may have deserted the family that is now yours. Sometimes the actual parent may be incarcerated or in trouble with the law or that parent simply has made no effort to take care of their own child. These may all be precursors to your adoption quest.

I am well-versed in how to accomplish stepparent adoptions and would be very interested in talking to you about your situation. I look forward to your free legal consultation wherein we can discuss this important and life changing event for all involved.