Probate is the legal process which passes title to property from the decedent to a beneficiary. If the decedent names the beneficiaries in a Will, the representative is called an Executor; if there is no will and title passes according to California Intestate Succession, for instance (California states who as “next of kin” should inherit) the estate representative is call the Administrator. There are many requisites in processing a probate including publication and appropriate notices set forth by statute. It is fairly complex and may take several months. There may be “short-cuts” due to the size of the estate or other title considerations.

An informed legal analysis of what is required or what may be streamlined is important to save time and money. Further, in a probate there will be a final report required and may need to include an accounting of the actions and monies surrounding the estate. This part is quite detailed and a knowledgeable attorney can assure the best presentation so that there are no delays. I am well qualified to assist you in probate matters and would like to speak about your case during a free thirty minute consultation. I can highlight the basics of what may or may not be required to pass title to assets.