Legal Separation

A legal separation is an action similar to a dissolution of the marriage (divorce) but the parties are not free to remarry at conclusion of it. There may be several reasons why parties would choose to proceed in this manner. One could be for religious reasons. Another so that health insurance can be maintained for an ailing partner. The processes are the same in that property and debt are divided and a judgment signed by the court formally separates the parties’ financial responsibilities. The issues with a legal separation are the same as those in a divorce. Who is going to takeover and pay the mortgage? Which party will pay which credit cards and how will this impact the credit ratings? Will one of the individuals receive spousal support? What will be the division of responsibility for the children? All of these issues can get resolved and worked out in a legal separation agreement with the help of an experienced family law attorney such as myself. An attorney will eliminate the necessity of the two spouses dealing with each other under a very stressful and emotional time. It is important that the lawyer you choose has your best interests as the main focus. Call me for a free thirty minute consultation about your situation.