There are numerous situations that might cause the need to assign a legal guardian for a child. This may occur if the child is unsafe with the parents, a parent is in incarcerated or a parent has passed away. Guardianship is not the same as adoption. The adopting person becomes the legal parent of the child with the same duties and privileges of a birth parent. In Guardianship, However, the guardian may have many of the same rights in lieu of a parent but the child legally retains his or her own parents.

There is no requirement that legal guardian be a relative but often a family member steps forward.

Sometimes a guardianship is necessary in order to include the child on the guardian’s healthcare policy and the guardianship provides that the guardian can make decisions regarding the child’s education, medical and dental care. A guardianship can continue until the child reaches the age of 18 (becomes an adult) or can be terminated earlier if a judge deems that it is safe to do so. I have many years experience in guardianship practice and can represent persons seeking to become guardians or parents desirous of opposing a guardianship. I look forward to discussing the details of your case with you.