Grandparents Rights

Under certain circumstances grandparents may be given rights to visitation with their grandchildren. In particular, where the children and grandparent have had a very bonded relationship and have spent substantial time together. These rights would be outside of any other custodial time awarded to the parents.

It is always best, if possible, to arrange visitation with a grandchild directly with the parent. Some parents are more willing than others to be helpful in this manner. Conversely, some parents will fight to ensure that the grandparent does not get to visit the child which could be a result of anger or emotional issues that get in the way. This is where an experienced Grandparent’s Rights attorney can help by bringing the important issues to the court’s attention.

It may also be an option for the grandparents to join an existing case between the two parents. I am dedicated to my clients and will always work to increase the chances of a good outcome; the more loving relationships a child may possess, the more secure an individual he or she will become.