Domestic Violence

It is a tragedy of our culture that domestic violence is fairly common. What is particularly horrible is that it is one’s own family member or loved one is perpetrating the crime. Not only is it illegal but it can have far reaching effects as to child custody, spousal support and other areas of family law. Further, it may develop into a very dangerous situation where personal injury or even death is the result.

Sometimes, however, one partner may accuse the other of domestic violence to obtain a perceived advantage in a divorce action. At such times it is urgent and invaluable to have the correct legal representation to defend such an action.

It can be very frightening to have suffered spousal abuse or domestic violence and the victim may hesitate to contact authorities for fear of future harm and particularly when children are involved. The children themselves must be protected, not only from the violence, but from witnessing same.

Causing fear is often one of the main elements of spousal abuse and often times the offender will apologize later and promise it will never again occur but, unfortunately, statistics tell a different story. It is important to get proper representation for the prosecution of a domestic violence restraining order or to defend against false accusations. It is important to discern the facts when one partner attempts to “set up” circumstances to lend evidence to his or her claim of domestic violence. Because I have been practicing for over twenty-five years I can help decipher those signs and circumstances and properly present your case to the court. Time is an important factor with these types of cases so do not delay in allowing me to give you the proper advice and representation.