If you are considering a divorce, it is very important that you contact a knowledgeable divorce attorney in order to “plan ahead” or even if you have just been served with “surprise” paperwork. I have over twenty-five years experience and have seen all aspects which may arise in a divorce and can provide advice on how to navigate the pitfalls. Such issues may include:

  • Child custody
  • Child visitation
  • Child support
  • Spousal Support
  • Property division
  • Mediation

I am always hopeful and do my best that a settlement can be reached or at least on a portion of the issues. It is far better to decide your own fate rather than have a judge decide it for you. Additionally, the more that is agreed on, the less billing hours will be required to bring your matter to completion. In any event, you will want the legal paperwork done properly. I often sit in court and view people attempting to represent themselves who simply miss what the court is trying to tell them. Sometimes the issues present a more complex situation wherein it is even more necessary that you have legal representation.

An often overlooked point is that if you retain an experienced attorney in negotiation, the stress is lessened since the attorney provides a “go between” so that the parties need not interact on delicate issues.

I have helped countless individuals navigate simple and complex divorces. I can discuss it all with you during a free thirty minute consultation. I look forward to speaking with you.