Child Support

Child support plays a vital part in protecting your child’s future. How will the costs of rearing a child be worked out between two parents who have decided to part? There is a general formula that is used in California which is calculated through a computer program. I subscribe to the identical formula program that a judge would use so can accurately predict (as long as we have the correct facts to include) what support amount would be ordered. There are individual factors such as income and time share that are variable in each case. I have over 25 years experience that have allowed me to know how to maximize the effect of the numbers.

Child support is always modifiable as life factors can change over the years. The parties may have changes in employment and income or the visitation of one parent may be altered. In a free thirty minute consultation, I can address the viability of those changes, whether for your benefit or not. Let me help you and your child(ren) have the best result possible.