Child Custody

Child custody is a serious legal issue and the proper initial handling is important in that it may affect all issues of your and your child’s life in the future. Once there are court orders you are obligated to follow the court’s decision. The well-being of your children depends on what you do so guidance from an experienced family law attorney knowledgeable in child custody is important. I have successfully helped countless numbers of parents with innumerable fact scenarios. Sometimes the other parent simply doesn’t want to “share” or perhaps the other parent is a danger to the child’s health or welfare. Each case is very individual and I recommend that you call me at my office to set-up a free thirty minute consultation so that the orders you end up with are orders that you can live with.

Additionally, circumstances regarding any child custody order can change. A parent can return to court to modify orders based on a “change of circumstances.” The initial language in the judgment will have a bearing on the “burden of proof” necessary to modify custody. Protect your rights and call me. We can discuss your case personally.